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About-Me : Soumaya B. the founder

Known as the ” smiley sociable francophone who excels in coaching, guiding and teaching her students and seeing them succeed. I enjoy adopting technology and creativity to capture my students’ interest and to facilitate an interactive plausible teaching environment.

I frequently traveled and lived in France for several years where I studied and received my French Masters in Business Administration. Following my studies I worked within the business environment and taught French and Math to foreign students. It was during this time that I discovered my passion for teaching French. Following my relocation to Canada, I continued to pursue this passion.



I had the HAPPY FRENCH LEARNING idea in mind for a while and wanted to use my French academic knowledge and professional skills to provide students with the best atmosphere for learning.

  • I speak fluently three languages, French being my first language.
  • I adore teaching & coaching students to have a positive attitude towards learning.
  • I am an experienced educator having taught a variety of ages and grades, working both one-on-one or in groups.
  • My students improve their language skills and develop confidence.
  • I enjoy developing a professional relationship with my students and providing them continued support throughout their academic and professional lives.

At HAPPY FRENCH LEARNING we create innovative programs, activities and experiences that inspire students to grasp an excellent command of the French language and culture.