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  1. Our son is a French immersion student. From a family with no one speaks French, we were always worry about his French learning progress. Soumaya was recommended by my son’s grade 7 French teacher and she became the tutor ever since. Soumaya was very experienced and very nice teacher. We were impressed by her patient and strategies of encouraging student’s interest of learning French. With her tutoring, we can see the progress my child made in the past year. We would be very happy to recommend Soumaya to anyone who is looking for a good French tutor. Thanks, Soumaya!

  2. I am a very busy mom with very rigid time schedule and French Learning Team has not only been able to accommodate me, but their tutor has always come on time and prepared.
    The tutor is very attentive and provides detailed insights to enhance my daughter’s understanding. We work together as a team, as a result, my daughter who is in grade 3 is now able to work on grade 5 level activities.
    Furthermore, she has instilled in my younger daughter, who is not yet in french immersion, a love of the language.

    I am very pleased with their effort, dedication and punctuality. I will gladly refer them to all.

    Thank you French Learning Team!

  3. I needed help for my daughter that is a French Immersion student. She was struggling with French and I had no time to help her in the evening after work. I hired Mrs…. from the Happy French Learning school to see if things will improve. I had an open conversation with both the tutor and the founder and we discussed what approach to take and where to focus for better results.
    I am happy with how my daughter is working out some of her insecurities when speaking French and how she feels comfortable with Mrs….. She is wonderful to talk to, patient, friendly and teaches in a way that my daughter has fun and is happy to see her.
    I have a very good experience with this school and would recommend it to any parent that is in need of helping children struggling with French.

  4. When I first met Soumaya I didn’t know what to expect but after each time my girls were so happy to have her come back. Week after week I became so proud of her she was always on time and my girls looked forward to having her come to our house. Therefore I have no hesitation what so ever about recommending her to be your child’s tutor. She has been an amazing tutor and a mentor for my girls for a total of 3 years now. Her help has been a blessing and it is a joy to be around such a knowledgeable French speaking women.

    I have found Soumaya to be a strong communicator, and having an excellent support for my family especially this last year, she has been very accommodating

    As a tutor and a mentor for my girls, Soumaya has demonstrated a love of learning the French language and the level of commitment necessary for my girls to succeed in University and beyond.

    I have the utmost confidence in her judgement and maturity, and she definitely has been an asset to my girls learning. I have always felt comfortable leaving my children in her care.

    I am certain that you will be just as impressed with Soumaya, as am I.

    I am as happy to provide you with further information if required.

    Respectfully Your,


  5. We are so happy we found Soumaya as tutor for our son. Since he has started Happy French Learning he has improved with his reading and writing skills but most importantly his confidence which was lacking in class. Recently, our son attended Soumaya’s French camp and had a tremendous amount of fun! Soumaya is always supportive and is a pleasure to deal with! Keep up the great work and thank you for making a difference!

  6. Thank you very much Soumaya for putting together a great 2015 French March Break. My son really enjoyed it, made new friends and learned a great deal.

    Thank you for being punctual and reliable, and for communicating with the parents on a daily basis by sending detailed reports and pictures of the various activities.



  7. I am so glad that I am with Happy French Learning for my son’s tutoring. My son is a 6th grader and was very weak with the basics of french and that always made me so worried. Soon after I talked to Soumaya, I already knew I was in safe hands and a very reliable tutor.
    My son is learning french with his tutor L…. and I am proud to say that he has shown very good signs of improvement. L…. is a wonderful teacher who is very focused on her approach to deliver lessons. She really takes pains to make sure that the child is learning.
    I am also very grateful to Soumaya for being so caring and welcoming always. She always makes efforts to exchange feedback about my son’s progress, which is very important for me. Thank you again!!
    I strongly recommend Happy French Learning to everyone who is planning to excel in French and make it a happy learning :)

  8. Our child, Michael, has been learning French with Madam Soumaya over a year. During his classes I have had the opportunity to observe the professional nature that Soumaya have extended to my son. She uses a variety of teaching techniques in order to address my son’s unique learning style. Madam Soymaya was not just a tutor but she became our friend. We are so grateful for Soymaya being our tutor, for joy in learning and for solid knowledge of new language.

  9. Soumaya has tutored my daughter, Teodora for the past year. Teodora has extensively talked about how she makes it fun to learn while still maintaining serious focus and always staying on track. Soumaya also gives perfect amounts of homework which helps Teodora with her responsibility skills and of course learning and comprehension. She adores there one to one time since she IS the best tutor in the world. She wishes that Soumaya was her teacher in school. My daughter always makes an effort to try harder since she isn’t afraid to make mistakes. I hear them talking and laughing in french, so it’s nice that she isn’t only learning because french is mandatory in FRENCH immersion. But because she can have a conversation in a language I can’t understand. So she tells me that it is really fun with Soumaya. So for all you parents scrolling down these comments read this… SOUMAYA IS AN EXCELLENT TUTOR AND ENOURAGES CHILDREN TO TRY THEIR BEST WHILE HAVING FUN LEARNING AND STAYS PERFECTLY ON TASK.

    Thank you

  10. Soumaya, thank you so much for a wonderful two years! My daughter loved your sessions from the start and never grew bored. You’ve helped her get organized, motivated, and above all, interested in learning French.
    Thank you for all the love, time and energy. You are a fantastic teacher and we’ll miss you.

  11. Soumaya has been my son’s tutor for two years I have had a very good experience with her, she is awesome.I was worried about my son’s progress since no one knows French at home. But because of her supervision my son has got excellent grades.

    Thank you Soumaya for your help. My son is lucky to have you as tutor.

  12. For the past two years my daughter has had the pleasure of having Soumaya as her french tutor to help her increase her grade 7 & 8 french immersion marks.We both only have great things to say about her. She provided one-on-one tutoring at our home, she arrived and left on time, was always polite and friendly and worked extremely well with my daughter. She really encouraged her to ‘speak’ french and was able to provide her with solid understanding, not just memorizing, the french language. In the last year she also helped her with math (in french). The result is that my daughters french grade had drastically improved for both years. She’s enjoyed french so much since that she has now decided to continue her secondary education in french immersion with the caveat that Soumaya continues to tutor her.
    Thank you Soumaya for your dedication to teaching a subject you obviously excel in and enjoy teaching!
    A very satisfied parent

  13. As an adult learner of French, I recommend Soumaya as a tutor. She was flexible to tailor the content to my own needs and goals, and took the intimidation out of speaking a new language. She created a supportive environment, and encouraged me to simply continue to try to express myself in French, without worrying about making mistakes. I soon found that my confidence improved greatly- leading to significant improvement in my ability to communicate.

    Thank you

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