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 A) French Theater (Grade 1 to 4 French Immersion and extended French)          45 min ——10:05 am to 10:50 am

At this level the main focus is building confidence along with developing everyday vocabulary. Repeating words and sentences through plays is a perfect way to enhance memorization and construction of French phrases. Our goal is to improve pronunciation skills. Allowing students to prepare, memorize and present their own French skits helps them to learn new French vocabulary then use it correctly in their own conversation. It also increases their confidence and presentation skills.

At HFL we are dedicated to improve the pronunciation skills of our students. This is accomplished by their focused involvement and study in preparing and learning there parts in these French plays.  Through theater these students are able to grasp a command of the French language.  This provides them with the confidence needed to freely and openly carry on their own French conversations both inside and outside of our learning environment.

 B) French Theater (Grade 5 to 8 French Immersion and extended French)         45 min —-10:05 am to 10:50 am

Similar to the above but offered to advanced level students but with more challenging plays as the introduction of more complex vocabulary and pronunciation initiatives in these theater plays. We help students become independent and confident in their French communication and presentation skills.