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Give the students all the academic tools that they need during a French class is not enough to make them improve and excel their language. They need to feel comfortable during their tutoring session when they learn French with a fun way!

The harmony between the student and his/her tutor is one of the success keys of our French classes!

HAPPY FRENCH LEARNING is offering all its students an excellent experience of French tutoring with an experienced and qualified francophone tutors. We are teaching All Subjects in French with a critical common sense and customized lesson for each student based on their age and academic level.

We teach with a great care both children and adults, beginners or professionals. We are able to tutor many French programs including: French immersion; core French and extended French.  Additional tutoring is available to help one with French exams, French certificate, French projects, French Translations, French presentations, French interviews and French speeches to name a few.

The tutoring session is 60 minutes; however 90 120 minutes sessions can be arranged and must be planned in advance. We start the session with a review of the student’s previously assigned exercises, homework or specified learning materials, we guide the student to any necessary corrections and identify the cause of errors and we go directly into additional exercises.

Our session is enriched by French discussions with a perfect Parisian accent to improve our student’s pronunciation, reading and writing. After each session we regularly provide a feedback to the kid’s parent or to the student directly to give him/her an idea about their level and his/her improvement. In the case where we are reporting to the parent, the parent has to know the content of the session and what we will do for in future sessions.  A weekly or monthly achievement report can be provided upon the request.

We offer 3 tutoring’s possibilities:

-          At the comfort of your home

-          At our site

-          Via Skype

Company’s FEES

1 on 1

2 SAME level students /1

3/4 SAME level students /1

Price per hour and by student :




For more than 3 hours per week we can offer you a package !

Time: Monday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm. Saturday: 09 am to 8 pm Sunday: 09 am to 8 pm
Location: At your home, office, etc. At the library of your choice. At our classroom. Or via Skype

The first session is very important to evaluate the student’s level and to ensure that there is a fit between the student and the tutor. Minimum 4 session payment is required in advance (cash or check).

Cancellation requires 48-hour notice. Sessions cancelled without 48-hour notice are not eligible for make-up, credit or refund!

Call us and experience the difference !